Lower Pricing, Same High Quality


We are giddy at the sight of a new walker performing the teetering dance of feeling the ground beneath their feet for the first time - sharing our First Walkers with you fulfills that delight. 

We are thrilled at the bold strength of preschoolers climbing trees, running races, twirling in a party dress - our girls’ and boys’ lines allow us all to be witness to that. 

We are touched deeply when a child who hasn’t walked because of a disability takes her first steps - we are gratified when they can do so in our biomechanically-designed shoes. 

It fulfills our purpose to provide footwear for your child’s needs and see the capacity of what our shoes can do. 

Our new pricing policies will allow this to happen for more children more consistently. Great deals won’t be just for sales time. Anytime you go to our website, you will find consistent lower everyday pricing. All season. With this new pricing model, you will have access to great deals whenever you need them. 

Children’s footwear prices have been increasing thanks to supply chain issues and a 150% increase in shipping. Nevertheless, we are going against the current and offering foot-healthy and meticulously-crafted shoes to as many children as possible at lower prices. You’ll get the color and size you want the moment your heartstrings are pulled. 

Rather than pass these cost increases to you, we sharpened our pencils and got creative until we found a way to lower our prices without making any changes to our product. We are committed to crafting the same high-quality shoes you love us for at a price more kiddos can afford. 

We want our shoes to be for everyone, whenever they need them. This is our time to give, grow, and co-create with our customers. This is our time to provide the healthiest, cutest, most durable shoes to our loyal and trusting customers at prices that promote fairness and prosperity for everyone.

See what's new for 2022 – and happy shopping.


  • Arellia

    Wow! Thank you so much. I always want to buy quality shoes for my daughter who has foot problems. Mostly she has to wear a brace and special shoes but her Sunday shoes are special and she gets to wear something “normal”. I always want them to be good quality. This is great news for us. Thank you!

  • Lauren James

    Wow. So impressed. As a foster mom who spares no expense for the children in our home who often get slighted by society, THANK YOU for this. ❤️

  • Claudia Villalobos

    I love that the sales are happening because specially during this time with the pandemic, it has been hard on a lot of families. Livie & Luca has made it possible with the sales that my children have shoes for school, thank you!!!!

  • Arlinda Utley

    Thank you for the quality and the good workmanship of your shoes. I have 5 little girls in the family that wear them and pass them down…wonderful shoes!!!

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