Saying Goodbye to 2020

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Can you agree, that there is so much about this year that you’d like to say “buh-bye” to as you shove the door closed and bolt it locked? Can you also agree that this year has brought talents, purpose and amazing aspects of yourself that emerged within you because of these times? 

I posed these questions to our team and here are a few quotes:

Emily Hagen, Director of Products: “The importance of connection and collaboration. Although we have spent most of the year working remotely, and some of us have never met in person, I feel a stronger connection between this team than any I have worked with in the past.” 

Britany Kellerman, Customer Service & Social Media Rep: “This year I have learned that to let go of control is to gain peace, to let people make their decisions and learn their lesson without interference is crucial to personal growth. And lastly, I have learned that I do not have to live in anyone's shadow, good or bad. I am free to be my own person, and I am the creator of my life.”

And from Yarra McClure, VP of Digital, Marketing and Revenue: “I am inspired by a team that prioritizes connection while working together to find solutions during a time when there are so many unknowns.”

As for myself, I have learned to befriend the unknown with questions that spark reflection, unity and creativity. This has helped me loosen my grip on wanting certainty and insisting on answers where there are none.

So Solemates, here is my question to you. As we reflect on making 2021 our best year yet, what  lessons, gifts, and strengths from this epic year will you bring forward?

Buh-bye and thank you 2020,

Founder & CEO

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