Retailer Of The Month: The Little House

Next stop is the heartland, the breadbasket of America, THE MID-WEST -- featuring our second ROTM: The Little House

We had the chance to chat with the team at this Fairway-based children's clothing boutique whose mission is to always, and continue to be, dedicated to dressing children like children. They have a great variety of play clothes as well as dress clothes that are always classic.

The Little House Team

About The Little House:

The Little House has been in Kansas City for over 40 years. Often, people ask us if it’s named after Little House on the Prairie -- after all we are in Kansas City!  Actually, The Little House started in a little house and the name stuck.

The Little House has had many owners over the years. Currently, it's owned by Dee Dillon who acquired the store from her daughter Katy (going on 6 years ago). Dee has 8 grandchildren that are great ambassadors for the store! It truly is a family business.

Describe a day in the life:

At The Little Housewe love to make every day special! We host many special events in store for customers and staff alike and try to partner with other local businesses whenever possible. Just last month, we had a baby shower for one of our team members! Our favorite part of the day is when our friends and customers bring in their darling children. We can’t wait for summer when the kids are out of school!

Meet the team:

Our team consists of nearly 20 amazing women – grandmothers, mothers, students, teachers, and makers all of whom love children and helping them dress. We feel extremely lucky to spend our days with so many smart, caring, and fun ladies!

Partnership with Livie & Luca:

We basically have a shoe store within our little store. We try to offer a wide variety of shoes for girls and boys and Livie & Luca is always on the list. Livie & Luca is wonderful to work with and always makes time for special orders and questions from our customers. The Little House created a shoe club about five years ago and we proudly offer “buy 5 pairs of shoes – get your 6th pair free” all throughout the year.

Favorite shoe:

We all agree that our favorite Livie & Luca shoes are those with birds!

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