Solemate Spotlight: Spreading Kindness while Sheltering

Jennifer S. at home near Amelia Island, Florida

Jennifer-Sharpe-DaughterJennifer’s daughter celebrating Easter

Hi Jennifer! Can you tell us a little about yourself and your family?

We are a family of 3 with a beautiful miracle for a daughter. I say miracle because we went through 3 IVF to have her. So you can probably guess she's a little spoiled =). We live in Florida and moved here 5 years ago from Georgia. I call where we live a little slice in Heaven. It really doesn't get better than living near an Island.

Amelia IslandAmelia Island, FL

What projects have you been working on with your child and can you tell us about them?

We have several projects since I have been home with her.

1. We have made necklaces and bracelets. She made one for her teacher who she misses dearly. Her teacher actually came and picked it up and wears it every team meeting they have together.
    2. We have painted rocks and shells and walked around the neighborhood putting them in spots that can be seen from the sidewalk. It really isn't just us that is doing it. A few other neighbors are doing it too. It's fun to go on walks and find all the different shells and rocks from your neighbors. I'm sure many have found ours that we painted. I don't have a picture of us painting them, but I do have a picture of all the rocks and shells we have found. The bright pink polka dotted rock and the very colorful shell are the two my daughter just recently did and we are about to hide them.

    Kindness rock
    Jennifer Daughter with rock
      3. We have also painted some "stain glass" animals and hung them in our window.
      4.  We also have done sidewalk chalk.
      What inspired you to do them?

      I actually graduated with a Bachelor in Art. So I love painting and doing crafts and art so doing them with my daughter is everything. I love putting them everywhere we go for people to find and just spread a little joy. I know how I feel when I find someone else's artwork. It just makes me happy. Some people re-hide the rocks and shells and some are like me. I like to keep each one to remember when I found it and remember the joy it gave me.

      What other projects have you noticed around your neighborhood?

      I really do have the best neighbors around! THE BEST people in the world.

      1.On Easter a lot of my neighbors colored Easter eggs and placed them in the window so we could do an Easter egg hunt around the neighborhood.

      2. Our neighbors have also been painting shells and rocks and putting them around their neighborhood.
      3.They have also been doing sidewalk chalk.

      4. We have a neighbor that has surprised other neighbors by cutting their lawn for them just to be helpful. They’ve done it a few times and I always see people thanking them on our neighborhood Facebook group.

      5. Another neighbor for the past 2 months has been calling all the food truck and setting up times for them to come to our neighborhood and set up at the pool. We've had Latin, Mexican, Kabobs, Seafood and Frozen Sweet treats trucks coming and setting up and feeding us some of the yummiest food!
      7. A neighbor on my street is a DJ. Saturdays he puts his DJ equipment out in front of his house and has a 6 foot block party. He draws boxes on the street 6 feet apart and each family has their own box and jam out while listening to all sorts of music. That is a lot of fun. He will do it from 6pm to 10pm.
      6. We have an open field at the front of our neighborhood and right now one of the neighbors is setting up a Prom-themed senior night for the seniors in the neighborhood at the open field, still following CDC guidelines.
      Thank you for sharing, Jennifer, and for making the world a more beautiful place!

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      • Nancy Salicrup

        How cool is that! Art is such a wonderful way to let others know you care!

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