Spring Stories from the Livie & Luca Team

Mitzi’s Maya with her vegetable-dyed eggs

This is going to be an Easter like no other…the usual traditions and celebrations will be replaced with new and creative ways to hold the meaning of this holiday.

At Livie & Luca, we thought about this and wanted to reach out to the team for thoughts around sweet Easter memories, bringing them forward, and honoring them in our hearts. A reminder to all of us, that what we often remember from childhood or beyond, are the small things - a blooming flower, meals shared, and the moments of connection.


My dad loved flowers, especially tulips and orchids. He planted them all the way around our house. Each spring they would push up from the ground and you could see them from every window. In the fall he would winterize the beds to protect the bulbs and each spring he would rake out the beds and weed. As a 6'6'' city police officer who was quiet and stern, these flowers were just a lovely contrast. After he died, those bulbs still bloomed each spring despite the inevitable neglect. I don't have a garden myself but love to help my friends and neighbors weed. That reconnection and act of service is a joy.



My fondest memories of Easter are getting the new Easter dress and shoes, going to the Easter Egg hunt and service at the Episcopal Church and then going home for Easter lunch. The Easter lunch was my favorite because my family would invite their friends over for an all-day Easter party. I loved being with so many friends and family and cherish those memories. As an adult with my own children, I realize how much thought and work my mother went through into making everything special: preparing the food, decorating the house, making sure the garden was beautiful, and always making a special Easter basket for me. And she did all this as a working mother!

Missy and her mom


Missy and Mom again



I lived for a time in North Carolina (while in middle school) and I always looked forward to the dogwood trees flowering, the days getting longer and warmer, the birdsong filling the air and caterpillars appearing everywhere, heralding the end of a long, dreary winter. Nature waking up, shrugging off the gray shawl of winter and embracing us with warmth and light. The contrast of seasons was moody and evocative, so different from the sameness we experience here in California. Seasons anchor memory, sense of time and place…



It doesn’t matter how old the kids get, I insist on hiding eggs and using the golden egg to surprise! You never know what will be inside. Last year I put Nola’s kibble in the golden egg. I was the only one who found that hilarious!



Being a busy single mom, and not always the best planner, one year I had to improvise and use lemons instead of eggs. My kids were momentarily disappointed that there was no candy, but the hunt was a hoot. If you can’t find eggs right now, this could be a fun way to make the best of the situation. And now fresh lemonade  is a part of our annual tradition. When you have lemons. . . . :)


Wishing you a Happy Easter and please share your memories with us, we’d love to hear from you.


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