Time to Shine: Introduction to Fall Collection

Livie & Luca’s Fall 2019 collection speaks to the magic of transition and transformation, from sun-kissed summer days, to the anticipation of back to school, to the twinkle and glow of the holidays! We have embraced back-to-school practicality and comfort as well as holiday sparkle and shimmer, and in many cases joined the two in true Livie & Luca fashion: a performance-based comfort shoe with a shimmering metallic upper and a whimsical lining, for example.

This magic of transition is represented by products that feature mixed materials and blended elements to yield the unexpected - you’ll see soft and natural leathers combined with silver and gold, warm and cozy neutrals with a touch of sparkle. Think of the inherent beauty of an acorn dipped in touch of glitter...

We want to give you a biomechanically-engineered, comfortable, washable school shoe; we also want to give you a delightful holiday party shoe that she can wear all day. When we’re designing, we try to slip right into your shoes. Our starting question is always “What does a parent want from this shoe? What does a child want from this shoe?” and you will see that reflected in the quality, workmanship, and details in each one of our creations.

While we know that our children are always transforming and their needs are new every day, fall is an especially poignant time for fresh beginnings. Livie & Luca’s enchanting fall collection reflects and takes care of both parent and child’s needs and invites you to be spellbound by the season!

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