Vegan Styles to Love

vegan shoes

Our collection of vegan shoes is expanding! Shoes made without animal products or by-products are now a significant part of Livie & Luca offerings, so we’ve put together a snappy tour of our vegan shoes for kids. We’ve used a wide range of quality materials to fit to a vegan standard, from synthetic vegan leather and suede, to soft polyester knits, to fully recycled synthetic products such as rubber and microfiber. Another thing our vegan shoes for children have in common is that they are all machine washable in cold water.

Founder Mitzi Rivas says, “I’m not vegan but I have two new friends that are vegan and my new thing is ‘Wow how do I make this cream out of cashews?’ I’ve been figuring out my own recipes. That’s the entry point for me. I want to serve our customers and I want to provide them with a product that still is breathable. A well-crafted vegan shoe is not easy to come by. Still whimsical, but practical and functional. Just like in the kitchen, when crafting with ingredients, we wanted to craft a very well-made product that was also vegan.”

We've got vegan shoes in several different categories, a few of our current styles are Reeve, River, and Ridge. And we look forward to our Fall 2021 Collection with even more vegan styles - expected to launch any day now!

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