We’re Listening


I see my work at Livie & Luca as a calling – I’m called by joy and wonder to spread a little more joy and wonder.  When I put myself out into the world to spread that joy through our shoes, there is a very important ingredient to my approach. Listening. Let me give you an example…

Pretend you’re a buyer at a trade show. When I go to market and you approach our booth, first I present to you. I tell you about my beauties, I tell you what makes them special, what makes me smile about them.  When that’s done, I want to know how we can fit in to your world, let me hear from you about your business, what inspires you, why you are here, let me listen to you to know exactly what it is you need. And if there’s a match between us, if what I have fits into your unique idea about what you want, then let’s go for it!

What I’m trying to say is that all of us at Livie & Luca approach this business with an open ear. We are about compassion and connection and when that exists on both sides, between us and you, then ultimately we will both be happy. Right?

So we’re listening. What do you want to tell us?

With joy,


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