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If you wonder what makes us tick at Livie & Luca, you will find the answers here. In this blog, we’ll take you on behind-the scenes adventures, show you what inspires us and share our company culture with you. We’ll open the doors of our minds and hearts to you, because you’re the reason we’re here. As the patches of our posts piece together, you’ll see our little tapestry revealed, in its beauty, its sometimes rough edges, all the little bits of love that combine to make our full-of-heart company.

From Mitzi, you might see the inspirations for our designs, how a flicker of an idea is translated into a shoe, and you’ll learn about the ethos of our company. From Amie, you’ll get insight into our sustainability efforts and business practices. We’ll bring you stories and photographs from our places of work, our community and our network.

We hope you join us on this creative journey – we’d love to hear what you’re thinking about L&L, how you fit into our tapestry. We’re all about spreading joy here, so let’s go!

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