What is it about Ruche?

Since 2012, when our sweet Ruche in red first appeared on the Livie & Luca stage, she has been a 5-star favorite of moms and girls alike! What is it about this shoe that steals hearts and makes her our top seller and one of the longest-running shoes in our history?

Here’s what Mitzi has to say about how this charming gal came to life:

“The definition of “ruche” is a pleated or fluted fabric. This darling shoe was inspired by a simple and elegant pleated skirt. I wanted to translate into a shoe the beauty and structure of that dart which forms the pleat. The detail can be seen as a ruffle but it’s not over the top frilly. It felt nostalgic to me, like a skirt from the 1950s.

As we designed it, I just knew it was right and that it would appeal to a lot of different little girls. It’s magic is in the combination of a super functional sole (Honeycomb) but a dressy and elegant upper.”
Ruche circa 2012

Missy, one of our dear and most experienced wholesale reps, has been on the front lines of L & L sales for the last ten years. She knows that Ruche is a perfect example of what differentiates our brand. Here’s what she has to say about why Ruche has been so popular: 

“The reason this is the number one shoe every season is that the style and neutral colors go with everything. This shoe has a 'dressier' look while still being very durable so it pairs perfectly with dresses, but Ruche also looks perfect with shorts and jeans too. When moms buy shoes they want them to go with EVERYTHING and be durable. The soles prevent scuffing and they are safe for playgrounds. In fall moms buy them for uniform shoes and they know that Ruche will last the entire school year. Lastly, girls say they are very comfortable so that means they will actually wear them. Money well spent.”

Vintage Ruche 2013
Grandmas, moms, daughters LOVE Ruche...

Traci W. says “I’ve been buying these shoes for my granddaughter since she’s been old enough to walk. I’m sad she is about to outgrow this style. They are so versatile. They hold up and the colors are awesome!”

Annslee P. says “This shoe is one of our favorites!! Fits true to size and lasts more than one season! Highly recommend this amazing shoe!!”

Mandy S. says “Love, love, love. These are always a go-to shoe!!! My daughter loves to wear these!!”

Katherine B. says “We keep coming back to these again and again. Perfect balance between style and comfort.

Elise W. says “Best Shoes Ever! My daughter suffers from growing pains/leg cramps. Now that she is in school I wanted a good shoe so her legs would not hurt! Well these are them!!! They are amazing, she now only wears Livie and Luca because they help her legs so much!”

Megan T. says LOVE these shoes!! We wear them at least 3 times a week! They go with everything and are such good quality, you can’t even tell they’ve been worn that much! Love Livie and Luca and will always buy their shoes for my babies!! ❤️❤️❤️


Ruche in Pearls 2014
While Ruche’s style hasn’t changed, we’ve seen her in many different colorways and she’s even made the move to our baby collection:
Ruche for baby, Fall 2019
Take everyone’s word for it: she’s versatile, goes with everything, fits true-to-size, dressy but durable, comfortable and cute. That’s our Ruche!
Ruche in action, 2019

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