What We Believe

Mitzi and Amie

When you’re a kid, every day is an opportunity. To try something new. To take a big leap. To become, with every new experience, the brilliant, shining star you already are.

At Livie and Luca, we believe every child should have the opportunity to take the road less traveled. To explore and express their truest selves. To find their own path joy.

We exist to support kids in their journey. Everything we do is infused with childlike wonder and magic. Everything we make is constructed with care and detail -- to hold up no matter the adventure. And everything we create empowers kids in body, mind, and spirit.

So nothing can stand in their way.

My Story

Mitzi Rivas, Livie & LucaAs a first-generation Latina, I grew up determined to work hard and make a better life for myself and my family. Despite a learning disability, I studied all night and graduated at the top of my class. I went on to UC Berkeley, then a doctoral program.

Yet, all along, I knew that the conventional definition of “success” didn’t quite fit. For me, success meant bringing people together to heal; living a life filled with purpose; honoring and serving the divine self. I tried many paths: providing health
education for women and migrants, becoming a professional makeup artist, and working at a Fortune 500 company.

Then, in 2005, I came across a pair of beautiful, handmade kids shoes designed like little red foxes. I held them in my hand, admiring the fine details — the care and craftsmanship, the creative yet timeless design — and something inside me shifted. In that moment, I found my path to joy.

It meant stepping off the manicured path, into a wilder, riskier, more uncertain place. I didn’t know exactly where it would lead; I only knew I had to follow my heart. I was scared, but I found my courage, and I took the leap.

Today, that same maverick spirit is at the heart of Livie and Luca. We are a beloved apparel brand known for our daring, imaginative designs that support kids’ well-being, inside and out.

But more than that, we are a vibrant community of people who do things differently, who create space to hear each other and be heard, who courageously seek our own paths to joy. I invite you to join us on the journey.

Mitzi Rivas, Co-Founder, Livie & Luca



Amie Garcia, Livie & Luca

Amie’s first job out of college was as a bilingual elementary school teacher in economically challenged neighborhoods. During the 10 years she taught, she found herself enjoying many of the voluntary leadership roles that are necessary to make a difference in such communities. After teaching she went on to become an elementary school administrator for several years. In leadership is where she found true fulfillment.

Always committed to making a difference in children’s lives, Amie saw the opportunity to do this at Livie & Luca where she could focus on the healthy foot development of kids. At L & L she is able to marry her passion for function and health to Mitzi’s zeal for style and design, all while offering her skills as a compassionate leader, dedicated to her team.