L&L Team on Women's Empowerment

Int'l Women's Day

As a Women-Owned and Operated Business, it's no surprise that International Women's Day is a pretty big deal around our virtual office. To honor and celebrate this important day, we asked our 100% female team some empowering (and pretty tough) questions. Here's what they said...

How would you describe the culture at Livie & Luca?
"At Livie & Luca there is an overarching feeling of trust, respect, and love among a group of all female coworkers...we take time every day to improve our person and grow together in abundance as a strong community of women." - Amanda, Production & Commercialization Specialist

How has the experience of working with a woman-owned and operated company affected you?
"It’s helped me grow in my self-confidence, my overall self-worth and how I see myself." -Meghan, Customer Service Superstar

As a female employee, what has been the most significant barrier in your career?
"Starting a family while building a career. When I was pregnant, I felt very capable and uninhibited. At work, I felt like I was being treated with caution that I did not feel I needed. After my son was born and I was back from maternity leave, I felt like I was expected to be back to normal, but did not feel normal. I went on my first overnight business trip when my son was 4 months old. I was nervous to say anything as I felt like if I did I would be seen as not being career driven. I watched male co-workers un-afraid to ask for no travel the first 6 months after their child was born. As women, we need to be less afraid to ask for what we need." -Emily, Director of Product

If you could look back at your 10-year old self, what advice would you give her?
"Find your passion and go for it." - Georgina, Operations Data Analyst

Who inspired you and why?
"I’ve always been inspired by Amelia Earhart, the pilot. Her smile captivated me and told me a million stories of a life lived to the fullest, of courage and adventure. How many times was she told she couldn’t do what she dreamed because she was a woman? How many times did she prove that wrong?" - Wendy, Customer Service Superstar

Speaking of strong women, what qualities make an empowered woman?
"Tenacity, she has both soft and tough power." - Crystal, Graphic Designer

Are there any specific exercises or practices you can offer to help women become more empowered?
"Being confident in your ability to provide value in the workplace is important. While confidence can come from experience, I would offer that knowing your worth and that your work is significant will help you build confidence. Another recommendation I would have is to start a work journal, record your successes and challenges. Utilize the tool of reflection to remind yourself of the progress you have made in your career." - Yarra, VP Digital, Marketing & Revenue

What advice would you give to a woman who wanted to forge her own path, but didn't know where to start?
"The advice that I would offer to any woman who is courageously choosing her own path is to realize that the forge begins on the inside through reflection. Here are three questions to reflect on- the answers will guide you in a direction that is true and epic for you.  
1. When was a time when you felt fully witnessed, seen, heard? A time when you felt fully alive and aligned - 
What happened? 
Who did you become as a result of that experience? 
2. What are you learning right now about what it means to be you in the world? What lessons / wisdom are emerging?
3. What is your story of transformation one year from now? 
What do need to let go of to becoming the truest version of yourself? 
Who have you become as a result of stepping into your full power and potential?" Mitzi, Owner & CEO

Why is it important for women-owned businesses to rise right now? 
"We have an opportunity to model an alternative approach to the traditional patriarchal business practices- which stifles the possibilities and success of folx and businesses who don’t fit the mold. At Livie & Luca for example, we wouldn’t have made it very far if we solely adapted traditional practices because our values and purpose would have died on the vine. Instead, we crafted our own eclectic way that continues to be iterated by the voices of our team, customers, and community.  As a result, one of my greatest joys is seeing our team bringing their whole selves to work- the sad, the scared,  the leader, the lover, the quirky, the brilliant, and everything in between. Our belief is that it provides for a more honest, safe, creative and dazzling environment that models what we wish for our larger community - especially for the women and children that we serve. May we all rise in our own unique and spirited way." - Mitzi, Owner & CEO

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