NEW Women's Line - Introducing: Polilla

At Livie & Luca, we claim the power of feminine leadership, where intuition is prized and revered. Intuition is the place from which we begin, how we initiate the process of design. Of course, we see the value of being a data-driven company, but our first steps are instinctive – the way we hire our employees, for example, or the way we take in inspiration.  We ask ourselves does this feel right? Does it feel like the values of Livie & Luca? Is it grounded in our mission to awaken joy as a force for change?

Our women’s shoe, Polilla, is a product of intuition - that of our team and customers. We’ve listened for years to what mothers want for their children and now also what they want for themselves. Through our co-creative process, through hundreds of conversations, women and mothers have told us that they want to be safe, comfortable, beautiful, powerful. We listened to where you hurt, how you carry your burdens, the importance of your mighty aspirations.  And then we summoned the magic to create a shoe that embodies the intention of standing with you and being your comfort, and your cup of chamomile tea. We’ve integrated all our feminine strength in a purposeful and relevant way, to bring Polilla into the world for you.

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