Co-Creation Comes to Life

On December 17th, 2019 we hosted preschoolers for a morning of art and learning about how shoes get made! We asked them "what do you love" and "what makes you happy" and invited them to draw, paint, and tell stories. We gathered all of the artwork the little artists created and worked with designers to turn the art into prints & patterns to use on our new collection of shoes!


Meet a few Co-Creators


Stickers and hugs make her happy. Loves snacks and the color pink. If she starts to get grumpy, it's time for a snack!


Helping others and loving animals make her happy. Pink and purple are her favorite colors. She's spirited with a lot of spunk.


His little sister Sloane, Pokemon and all sports that involve running and balls make him happy. He uses both hands to draw!


Creativity makes her happy. She loves creating with colors (especially pink and purple) and being an artist.


Eating fruit, action figure toys, playing video games and the color blue are his jam.


Her family and eating popcorn make her happy. She loves all colors of the rainbow, special activities with her family and sneaking treats.